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Order Desirial Plus Fillers (1x 2ml) Online USA


Order Desirial Plus Dermal Fillers (1x 2ml) Online USA

Desirial Plus Dermal Fillers (1x 2ml), The woman’s intimate health is a delicate matter. Nevertheless, with the onset of menopause, as an obligatory physiological process in the life cycle, the production of estrogens is dramatically reduced and without hormone replacement therapy, this leads to progressive dermis hypotrophy, excessive dryness, loss of sensitivity and other changes in the external genitalia.

After 45 years, the activity of fibroblasts decreases as well as the production of collagen. This affects the skin and mucosa of the vulvar-vaginal area. There is dehydration, tissue is thinning, and elasticity is lost. Such changes do influence the general condition and mood of a woman, the sexual desire is reduced, confidence in oneself and its attractiveness is lost.

Thanks to the achievements of modern aesthetic medicine, it was possible to solve such intimate problems without the use of plastic surgery. In 2014 the French concern “Vivacy” presented the DESIRIAL PLUS filler, the first product for intimate hyaluronic acid-based plastic.

It is impossible to stop age-related changes, but gel Desirial Plus Dermal Fillers (1x 2ml) , based on two active ingredients – non-animal hyaluronic acid and mannitol, will help relieve the patient of unpleasant consequences and associated aesthetic defects in the intimate zone.

By the excellent moisturizing, regenerating and replenishing the volume properties hyaluronate is known for a long time. These characteristics are the basis for most injection fillers, including DESIRIAL PLUS.

The main indications for the use of filler are:

  • elimination of dryness and atrophy of the vagina
  • voluminization and modeling of large and small labia
  • vaginal plastic operations
  • correction of the shape and size of the external genitalia
  • increasing the “G–point”
  • restoration of the tone, hydration and elasticity of the vulva-vaginal area
  • correction of defects of genital organs caused by labor, postoperative injuries and scars
  • reconstruction of the pubis
  • strengthening of delicate muscles of delicate zone
  • prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence and hypermobility of the urethra.

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The solution minimizes the development of inflammation after the procedure and slows down the process of degradation of hyaluronic acid, providing a prolonged effect of the agent up to 6 – 8 months. This gel is designed specifically for vaginal plastic and vaginal atrophy.

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