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Buy Teosyal Meso (2x1ml) (2x1ml)


Buy Teosyal Meso (2x1ml) (2x1ml) USA

Buy Teosyal Meso (2x1ml) is indicated for the prevention of wrinkles and dehydration of the face, neck and neckline. Thanks to its marked fluidity and its viscoelastic properties, Teosyal Meso diffuses uniformly into cutaneous tissue, maintaining natural levels of hydration and reinforcing the dermis. Teosyal Meso is biodegradable and is slowly absorbed into the skin over time. Because of this, it is a long-lasting but not permanent form of treatment.

Where can I buy this product?

Give your patients an all-over younger look when you restore the skin of their hands, neck and decolletage with Teosyal Meso. If you are a licensed medical practitioner, you can buy wholesale Teosyal Meso online from You can also phone Medica Depot’s customer service team today to purchase Teosyal Meso for fast and friendly service. Refresh and rejuvenate your patient’s mature skin with Teosyal Meso, the ultimate anti-aging treatment for the face, neck, decolletage, and hands.

What does this product come with?

Each box contains:

  • 2 prefilled 1.0ml syringes;
  • 4-30G1/2” needles;
  • 1 package insert;
  • And 4 traceability labels.

What are the benefits of this product?

Teosyal Meso is exclusively manufactured for the prevention of wrinkles and the rehydration of the dermal layer in young skin. It is able to provide a higher level of moisturization to the superficial dermis than other topical hyaluronic products can, and can also help even out and brighten the skin tone.



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