Buy Desirial Dermal Fillers (2 x1ml) Online USA


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  • Also For peri-menopausal women or in reproductive age suffering from dehydration of the vulva with or without irritations.


Buy Desirial Dermal Fillers (2 x1ml) Online USA

Buy Desirial Dermal Fillers (2 x1ml)  is the first antioxidant hyaluronic acid based gel specifically formulated to preserve women’s intimate health.

Entirely dedicated to women’s intimate health, DESIRIAL viscosupplement solution developed by Laboratoires VIVACY opens new treatment options in Gynecology and Intimate Plastic Surgery.

As many as 80% of women entering menopause are affected by vaginal dryness and about 50% of women completing menopause continue to experience vaginal dryness.

Vaginal and/or vulvar dryness may affect women at any period of their lives, whether it is iatrogenic in origin (e.g. isotretinoin, tricyclic antidepressants, neuroleptics, etc.), or linked to menopause, particularly in the absence of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

During menopause, there is a decrease of estrogen secretion, which has an effect on fibroblasts, and leads to progressive hypotrophy of the dermis with flattening of the dermal-epidermal junction:


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