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Buy Amalian SF24 advanced(1×1.0ml)


Amalian SF 24 advanced (1 x 2.0 ml) has been superbly created to augment the water composition and plasticity of the skin. … It is the hyaluronic acid that functions to prolong skin liquefaction and results in improved skin density.

Buy Amalian SF24 advanced (1×1.0ml) USA

Buy Amalian SF24 advanced Online (1×1.0ml), It is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler ideally suited for deeper wrinkles, facial volume augmentation, modelling of facial contours and scar correction. Skin unevenness (such as acne scars) are smoothed, anasolabial and marionette folds, are visibly lifted. The filler is also highly suitable for long-lasting hand rejuvenation. It is best performed using a blunt cannula, it is also recommended to use a blunt cannula for cheek augmentation. Amalian SF24

 amalian SF 24 advanced is injected into the middle to deep dermis. The effect of the amalian SF 24 advanced should last 9 – 12 months.

amalian SF 24 advanced is recommended for:

  • medium to very deep wrinkles and folds
  • nose bridge
  • cheek volumization
  • jawline
  • hand rejuvenation
  • Amalian SF24


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